Did it work? – 6 a.m. club – week 4


Week 3 – 18th July ’17 to 27th July ’17 (last 10 days)

Oh Yes! It worked amazingly. The motivation, the struggle, the problem solving, it all paid off. And the joy of completing the task and overcoming a challenge cannot be described in the words.

When I started, I had no idea if it would work. But it did and, in my opinion, for the following reasons:

  1. 30 days:
    • It doesn’t seem like a huge commitment.
    • It is not intimidating to start with and hence it helps keeping it interesting
    • managing the life around the challenge for a month is very doable. It didn’t require huge sacrifices.
  2. Self – motivation:
    • I was taking up a challenge that I really wanted to overcome
    • It was not at all under any external pressure and hence self motivation played huge role
    • Self motivation also helped prioritize keep the focus regardless of external circumstances
  3. Problem solving:
    • First problem was being consistent which had to be solved almost everyday by remembering, keeping the record chart and going to sleep on time in order to get enough sleep. It was important to get enough sleep so that the challenge wouldn’t turn into the misery.
    • Staying awake without giving into the temptation of going back to sleep was another problem. Initially I struggled and along the way I found a solution to get the kick that will keep me wide awake. it is explained in the previous blog of this series: Finding Solution – 6 a.m. club – week 3

In my experience, it was relatively easy and achievable goal. It was set so for following reasons:

  1. It was supposed to make my life better instead of miserable
  2. it was supposed to get me in circle of consistency instead of wanting to chicken out every now and then
  3. It was supposed to build my confidence instead of making me feel like I am lacking something
  4. Most of all, it was an exercise of creating a new habit, which at any cost could not fail. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to put so much time and effort in thinking it through & executing. One failure and it had to be started allover again. It made sense to keep it simple enough to be executed every single day.

In conclusion, I am happy to announce that the goal has been achieved. It served the purpose and helped me be a more positive being. Most of all, it has become the stepping stone towards dreaming of overcoming more, bigger and complicated challenges!


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