Finding Solution – 6 a.m. club – week 3

Week 3 – 11th July ’17 to 17th July ’17 – 


It has been a real test! Test of persistence, self motivation, patience and most importantly of my memory.

  1. Persistence because not two days are the same, but I had to continue taking the same action every single day regardless of the difficulties.
  2. Self motivation because there is no one else that is going to wake up instead of me. It is my task and I need to perform it myself and hence oneself needs to be motivated.
  3. Patience because as soon as I wake up every single day, the first thought that comes to mind is going back to sleep the very next moment. I needed patience to survive the thought wave that came to demolish my record. I needed patience just to keep myself awake and soak in the fresh morning until my brain settled on the decision of being awake.
  4. Memory because every single night I had to remind myself of the challenge that I have taken up and how far I have come with it. I need to remember that it is no ordinary day, I have decided to wake up at 6 a.m. and It has to be done.

All 4 points that I mentioned above are not about the struggle of actually waking up on time. Over the course of last 3 weeks, I have come to realize one thing about myself that the real challenge is not waking up at 6 a.m. but is getting out of the bed quickly and be truly wide awake.  The good news is, I have come across a solution that, in my opinion, will help me overcome the struggle of these steps.

In the past, I read this book called “The Power of Habit” which in depth describes the habits and how can one develop new habits or change the old ones. The author of the book describes that a habit loop is broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Cue – the trigger
  2. Routine – the behavior
  3. Reward – One can set it to anything desirable

Now that we all are on the same page, let me reveal my plan for week 4. In my opinion, It is going to create a new habit that will help me get out of the bed quickly and stay wide awake. The plan execution steps are as follows:

  1. Cue – keep the toothbrush & toothpaste next to my bed while going to sleep. So that it is the first thing in the morning that I see.
  2. Routine – get up and brush my teeth immediately. Since the brush & paste are right next to me, I do not have any reason to procrastinate. Even though I am sleepy, it would only take a second so it doesn’t seem difficult. And the moment I taste the minty toothpaste, the laziness would just run away.
  3. Reward – get the nicest & spiciest cup of tea. The reason I chose tea for reward is because it is my favorite morning drink. It helps me get on my feet after the long sleep.

So the plan is set. I am feeling absolutely genius and totally excited to try out the solution. Wish me luck on this experiment and happy week 4!


4 thoughts on “Finding Solution – 6 a.m. club – week 3

  1. Ugh I have three distinct alarm clocks on my phone that go off at different intervals. They begin about an hour before I need to get up, and I’m always aiming to start earlier. I have even set music to play in other rooms. I have to be careful with that one though because I found that I was beginning to dislike those songs that I had loved since those jerks kept waking me up! Lol

    Good luck! It sounds like you are motivated. Hopefully your motivation is infectious and I’ll catch it! 😉


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