Reality – 6 a.m. club – week 2


Week 2 – 4th July ’17 to 10th July ’17

I must admit, it has been a tough week. It was relatively easy to get through first week, mostly because of the energy with which I began the challenge. I kept away from all temptations of going out, staying up late in the night and involving myself in tiring tasks etc.

Week 2, reality struck in! I had to go out, since I cannot hide from the outer world forever. I  had to stay up late to finish up the work. In fact, I have also had to travel. More number of non-routine activities made it more challenging to stick to the decision of waking up by 6 a.m.

But I carried my realizations from week 1 & implemented in week 2. I continued reminding myself & making a decision every single night to wake up at 6 a.m. the next morning. I told myself that I have to keep counting and not make a mistake of bringing down my efforts to zero.

I spent my morning feeling a bit sleep hungover & not being able to creatively use morning time in productive activities. Week 2 made me realize that no two days or weeks or months are going to be the same & that I have to keep adapting to the situations that come across and still continue to make the decision of sticking to my challenge every single day!

2 more weeks to go for completing the challenge & also to figure out a stable solution to not struggle waking up in the morning, to set the morning time for a productive activity & to have a plan to keep on track when long nights are unavoidable.

Happy week 3!


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