Motivational wave – 6 a.m. club – week 1



It was an amazing week 1. Getting through the week was not as challenging as thought. But it was also not a cakewalk. Based on my behavior this week, I have listed out following observations and segregated it in benefits & challenges:


  • I woke up at 6 a.m. every single day!
  • I realized, It is not a challenge to wake up early when body gets sufficient sleep.
  • Waking up early created a lot of time for my personal tasks
  • Experiencing fresh morning helped me carry a positive outlook, focus & productivity throughout the day.


  • I had to remind myself every single night that I have to wake up early.
  • I had to make a decision of shutting down the laptop and going to sleep without stretching myself too much every single night
  • I had no agenda of what to do with all the time I have after I wake up and therefore I had a tendency to take a nap later. This happened for 2 days this week.

Now to continue reaping the benefits and to overcome the challenges, the biggest decision to be made is to fill the blank time of the morning with certain activity. In Week 2, I will be trying out various activities to identify & freeze one that I would make my mornings more enjoyable.

Happy week 2!



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